PhD thesis: Evolutionary Agent-Based Policy Analysis in Dynamic Environments
An interdisciplinary research project that used evolutionary methods to model and possibly regulate social economic interaction. [files]

Masters's thesis: The Paradox of Overfitting
Overfitting is a serious problem in machine learning. The thesis is an empirical comparision of a simple and an advanced version of Minimum Description Length (MDL) to Cross Validation (CV). We find that CV is always as good as MDL in preventing overfitting, and somtimes significantly better. [files]

Peer reviewed articles

Vision and Robotics

Evolutionary Economics

Calibration of Evolutionary Algorithm Parameters

Reports and presentations

Entropy and Complexity of Naive Patternmatching  
An example of the use of entropy for the calculation of the complexity of an algorithm.

Nominal Comparatives in Type-Logical Semantics  
Improved quantification of quantifiers in type-logical semantics and an attempt to find a recursive interpretation of type-logical semantics.

Bidirectional Optimality Theory  
Given a simple expression, how can speaker and hearer agree on the intended change of context?

Game Theory  
Presentation on pseudo-strategic forms in game theorie

Multi Agent Systems  
Presentation on common knowledge in real time communication systems

Powerspectra met behulp van de parametrische methode (Dutch)  
Evaluatie van de voor- en nadelen van het berekenen van powerspectra via de parametrische methode